Generic Cialis - Insured Savings ... but not always

You can find both generic Cialis and original Cialis on the sites that sell Cialis online. The original Cialis is produced by Lilly ICOS and was introduced on the market in 1998, immediately becoming the main competitor of Viagra by Pfizer.

On the Internet, in online pharmacies, next to brand Cialis you can also see generic Cialis produced in India, where the government allows the Indian pharmaceutical companies to commercialize pharmaceutical products protected by patents worldwide.
This was done for brand Cialis. Its active ingredient was used to compose generic Cialis, creating a product that is almost ten times cheaper.

So between a pill of original Cialis and one of generic Cialis there is a considerable difference in price. Now the question is: why choose original Cialis instead of generic Cialis if they work the same?
The first thing to say is: if you find the original price of Cialis very low, it's not 100% original Cialis. The high price of original or brand Cialis is mainly due to the money spent for research and especially for advertising.
In fact there is no difference between the active ingredient in generic Cialis and original Cialis and we mentioned that both contain the same active ingredient that is Tadalafil The only inconvenience is that some sites are selling Cialis pills produced in China.
It is neither original Cialis nor generic Cialis, it's simply false Cialis. It is a pill of Cialis, which contains no active ingredient, but only a harmless white powder.

If you decide to order generic Cialis online, make sure Cialis is produced in India and not China. Then make sure Cialis is shipped from Europe, otherwise your package with Cialis will be blocked at Customs.