Weak Erection Causes and Cure

A weak erection in the course of sexual intercourse can take place when the two arteries fail to get the flow of blood from the aorta and the heart. The weak erection is the cause of the lining of blood vessels too  feeble to  reach the penis. Erectile dysfunction  or weak penis erection is described as the incapacity to maintain an erection hard enough to continue sex during sexual intercourse.

One of the biggest reasons some men have problems is due to diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, neurological or even cardiovascular disease, which account for most problems. Another major problem could be related to your nervous system. If you smoke, do drugs or drink heavily the impulses regulated by your nervous system could be impeded because the signal that goes from your brain to your penis is not functioning correctly.
The other issue that could affect your ability to get a hard penis is your age. When men start to reach the age of 40 your body starts to change. It is mother nature and their is nothing you can do to stop her. 

In either case there is a variety of ED pills available on the market that can help you have firm erections again. The most proven ones are Cialis, Levitra and Viagra.

The main problem with a weak erection is to dealing with it at home. But researches confirm that weak erection is not a disease to be hopeless in life with. There is hope to live with weak erection and treat or sustain it.

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